I am okay. Okay?

This weekend has been rough on me mentally. I was emotionally distressed for the last 2 weeks due to work. Something happened and I still couldn't shake my brain out of it. During those 5 days of work, my brain just not there and I was not focused at all. Workload has not decreased, in fact, I'm already working on my engagements for the peak period. It feels as if the off-peak does not exist. 


Few other things happened and again, im crashing. I guess that Friday i was just really tired and so done with work, I went on Twitter and change my bio, profile, and everything. Few of my friends were worried that they texted me asking if I was really okay. 

It was quite hard to admit to people that I am sometimes not okay. Not that I am embarrassed to talk about it. It's just that when I got emotionally drained, it is not just over one thing. How do I explain to people about the petty stuff that I felt sad about. HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT I AM ALSO DO NOT QUITE GET MYSELF?

U know this feels exactly how it was during A-level. Like constantly feeling like shit. Constantly thinking that you are bad at everything. So anxious that people hate you for who you are. Left you out in the group chat. Did not include you in plans. Did not invite you to weddings. Did not care that you are down or depressed. Did not bother to congratulate when you succeeded at achieving your milestones no matter how small. Unwavering beliefs that PEOPLE just do not care. 

Being busy help. Too busy, you burn out too soon. Too free, is dangerous. At least for me. 

But I am okay now. So please do not worry about me. 


  1. It's okay mi, take a break whenever things get quite hard okay, screw what other people think about you. No matter what people think about you, you're always worth it. Take care mi! xxx