I wrote this 1 week before the end of my first peak period

They say if you work in an audit firm, you will get to experience the real burnout from working. Yet here i am working in an audit firm myself now, although not as an auditor (i work in the tax department), burnout does happen and I finally understand why.

You must have heard from your friend who majored in finance or accounting-related courses working in a similar environment mentioning the peak period once. It's not a myth or excuses accountant used to avoid socialising, but very much real that we don't even get to have a me-time. 

The thing is, our work is bound to the statutory datelines (i.e. submission of the annual financial report, tax return, and other statutory filings) and with high volumes of work, burnout is a real thing and mentally draining. 

Depending on your firm, my firm, or at least my department will have our annual peak period from June to August (statutory filing dateline for December year-end) each year because most of the companies' financial period end in December. With volumes of work we had, people resigning before or after peak period is quite normal. Seeing people come and go is no longer a weird thing (it was when I first join) because it happens all the time. To be quite frank, I don't even understand why people stay when this job clearly messing up with your mental health and here I am. 

I can list out at least 5 reasons why I should leave this work but I am just starting out and it's such a waste to leave just because I can't stand being terribly busy for 3-months every year. I love tax and seriously love this job. Somedays I get a call from friends just to rant about how bad their day was or how angry the client was on the phone when informed that we could not deliver work on the promised dateline. All of these happen on a daily basis during peak and it gets worse towards the end. But, holding onto professionalism, we can only soldier on and move forward. Which sucks. 

I wish I have the ability and power to change, but as long as the volume of work and manpower remain the same, I hope I have the strength to cope. I hope Im here to stay *fingers crossed

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