I miss everything

Remembering the good old days where I used to write so much. How this blog started as an outlet for my stress relief. I miss those days, having things to write. Although I exclusively write when my life went south.

I also miss taking a stroll in Pasar Seni. That random bus trip on scorching hot days after my class ends. Eat my favorite rojak at Petaling Street, LRT rides to absolutely nowhere. I miss being able to do all of that. 

I miss the feeling of missing someone. Waiting for that one text to greet your day. How my heart would flutter at every compliment and sweet words thrown. I feel like my heart has a purpose and will to live. But that was long ago. 

I miss having so much free time that all I do was sleep or watch Netflix. I would binge-watch every new show and would watch even more shows during the exam month. I can focus on painting and my other hobbies. Those were the days. All I do now is think about my never-ending workload. 

2020 doesn’t really turn my life upside down, but rather it took a really sharp and unexpected turn. Not that I have any major plans that go sideways but rather how things could have been better if not for Covid. 

Reflecting on my year so far, I think my goals for 2021 need to be humble. I want to put in more time for self-reflection and will work towards improving my personal issues.

A reminder that I will turn 26 next year. 26. Let that sink in 

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