Feeling wholesome

Out of many things I did on social media, opening another instagram account dedicating it for my love for arts is probably the best thing that has ever happened. I feel like it changed me internally and also help practice my painting skills.

I have been for so long had a thing for arts. I never really have a particular talent on something. My attempt at doing art started with acrylic. I remember clearly going to art friend at Midvalley to purchase acrylic paint set and canvas to paint on. My first painting, I would describe as trash. At one glance one would know that I have no talent. So the set I got ends up being stash away out from my reach. 

Then I started watercolor because I see that it's quite easy to play with since we have been playing with it in 9 years of schooling. I got the cheapest Sakura transparent watercolor which I still keep and had been pass down to my little brother for his use. My painting was ok, but most of the times the subjects are unrecognizable. I exclusively only paint florals, specifically loose floral since it allows me to be more expressive. But over time my painting got a little bit better with more practice.

So many ups and downs and frustration that lead me to believe that I have no actual talent. All the money spent on art supplies seems to be wasted. I spent more than a thousand already for all the supplies I accumulate at the moment and I get even more sad thinking about the money. 

But over time, as my frustration grows, I just do not want to stop. I know deep down I have talent. And I definitely got balls to have that much believed on myself. All the artists I follow on instagram said that the only way to improve is to practice, like lots of practice. So that is what I do. I bought better supplies (hence why I got broke) to make sure that it performs as I wanted to. And dare I say, my paintings got better (not trying to brag here 👀😜)

I thank all my friends especially for the love they have given to my paintings. All the praises inspire me to paint even more. It makes me so happy, like legit happy because people seem to appreciate my schmol talent. The art account I created affect my mental health positively. And I want to continue doing arts as long as I can. Hopefully maybe one day I can start taking commissions from people. 

Would love to attach all the photos of the paintings here, but I do not have the soft copy in my laptop. Yall can check out @theotheraimi on instagram. Thank you for reading, I love you people <3

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