Here I am at odd hours typing down whatever been weighing me down since my last post.

After staying at home for almost a year, I find it very difficult to adjust. Shah Alam has changed. A lot. The people are no longer the same, constructions are everywhere. The only thing constant is the weather. It's still so freaking hot here.

If you don't know yet, 2019 this is my final year as an undergraduate student and I have another 7 months to go. Time sure goes by, unnoticed by me. You sure don't want to hear me ramble the same shits again, but I still do procrastinate a lot. There are so many assignments, tutorials whatsoever and with me still adjusting, I am having a hard time to cope with study at the moment. More excuses.

This one is a very short post. I just want to let yall know that I am ok. Bye

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