I'm starting a weight loss journey #2

This blog post meant to serve as record keeping for my weight loss journey. It has been 2 months and my weight loss is at 7kg in total. I know in the 1st update I write down 6kg, but I have gained and lost the weight again due to weddings I attended every weekend hence where the gain came from. I'm not mad and crazy to drastically lose weight in short period of time. I want to allow myself to enjoy this moment and to actually have fun. Cutting on carbs like nasi is absolutely a mad journey. But I manage to control the demon in me from succumbing to pressure and that everyone, is good enough.

Let's talk about exercise. Yall might not believe me, but sometimes I do workout every day and it helps a lot with my energy. My body sores af but it gives a sort of assurance that your workout is doing something to your body. At least that's what I thought, and what I want to believe in. Can't wait to be back in Shah Alam so I can jog at a park and go swimming teehee~

Not gonna disclose my weight, but my goal is 55kg, where my mid normal BMI range is. Long journey, but I'm not going to give up yet. It's been 2 months, giving up now means I am a loser, and I am not one.

Till then 

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