I'm starting a weight loss journery

You is a good show. I am currently on episode 5, Joe's voice over reminds me a lot of Narcos S1 & S2. Peach is definitely my favorite character at the moment. Not because she is secretly in love with Beck and a control freak, I love her because she is a badass. I kinda feel like she's a great representation of a woman. Manipulative, protective towards their loved one, a badass and can smell men's bullshit from 10 miles away.

I am not about to review the entirety of the show because I only watched 5 episodes. I write tonight because I want to write. Venting out here seems calming and relaxing to me. And I always like to write and read. Been writing in English ever since 2013 when I first started college. Therefore I want to continue doing that as I find it helpful in helping me being more articulate. Not that I aspire to be a writer, but I want to be good at it so I feel good about myself. Though I only write bullshits and complaints about my mediocrity I still want to do it my whole life. Allow me to be negative about my own self.

Writing this half-awake, resting my head on the wall, as If I'm high after 2 liters of plain water sounds very much like an addict. But a good kind of addict. Plain water is good. It tastes better after cardio. It never has tasted that good before. Oh yeah, let us get back on track to what I actually want to vent tonight. I took a big step last week, which is going on a healthy life journey a.k.a Diet. Yup, you read that right. I did cardio for a few days now and my body is sore as fuck. Years of no exercise really took a toll on my body. High impact cardio almost killed me one night. I never knew what high and low impact cardio meant, so I just do the exercises. It only took a few steps before my heart feels like exploding and left me completely out of breath. Not to forget, I'm quenching for water as if I have not had it for days. It's tiring you guys, I want to cry so bad, and completely wondering why I let myself wallow in a bad eating habit for years. But nevermind, I'm already starting.

Getting started is equally important as being consistent therefore I hope I can be consistent. I need to feel good about myself, I want to wear good and beautiful clothes. Honestly, my biggest motivation is because small size clothes are darn cheap. I went to a bundle shop or thrift store like white people on youtube call it. And omg, so many good jeans and I freaking love jeans (who doesn't?) and big size jeans are pretty limited to find in KL and not to forget very expensive. You can get 2nd hand Levi's jeans at RM 5-RM25 at bundle shop and that's a steal. I hate myself for saying this, but being skinny (read: attractive) brings in a lot of perks with the look. That is how the world works today honey.

Yall better pray I lost substantial weight before my new semester begins! Chow :D

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