Internship 1 #Part 1

Disclaimer: This blog post was written on 6 August 2018
My last blog post dated 19th May which means I haven't update this blog for than 3 months. Life is getting pretty interesting. Everyday I keep having new and fresh idea but my mind literally have no capacity to function past 10 PM. 

So how is my life so far? 

I am currently doing my internship at one of the big 4 firms. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity. I am in the tax department, doing tax for companies. People ask me why do I choose tax. Honestly speaking, it is because I genuinely enjoy the subject in previous two semesters and able to score A for both Taxation 1 and Taxation 2. 

Why not Audit? I understand no shit. Seriously, not kidding. People say that you would learn more when you do internship in audit, but nope goodbye Felicia, I will never attempt something that would make my life suffer. Learning is interesting, but audit most likely not my cup of tea at the moment. It requires good analytical skills and it's something I don't have.

But Tax, highly technical, but interesting. I seriously I enjoy doing tax computation so much that I rather do it all day than amending letters for submission to LHDN. The bureaucracy part is painstakingly annoying. But it forms part of the work so I have to do it regardless. 

Adults keep saying that we will miss our study and leisure time most as we hardly have time for ourselves later. Which basically what we will be doing for the next 30 years. Work here is not so bad, I really love it. The people here are so nice, helpful and willing to teach you stuff even during peak period like now (June-August is the peak-est period for Tax). I guess it's all depending how deeply in love you are with your work, time management and the workplace environment.

From what I can gather, you will love your job as long as the people are nice to each other. Ranks don't matter. Good leader ultimately produce best employees because people will enjoy coming to works and productivity improves. This sounds like one of your lectures in Uni, me too when I first realised that things like this that makes people stay at one place. Suddenly everything I had learned in Advanced Management Accounting class makes all the sense. But I guess, certain employees tend to overlook issues pertaining to the well being of their employees. As long as profit increase. Which means shit if your employees are unhappy. 
A happy employee will deliver best customer service. It will turn to positive chain of reaction which in the ends will flow back into the organization.
Shit, this is turning to some business essay we did in uni HAHAHAHA.But it's so true guys. Can't wait to start being a proper adult in a year time (well maybe less)


  1. the part where "my brain can't function past 10pm" is true tho mi XD may you have all the fun and joy for your internship mi! Hope you're doing good! And write moreeeeeeee hehe <3