Chin up!

Balancing life at the moment is hard. The 20s is such a weird decade, trying to keep up with all your friends, at the same time juggling study with part-time work. All of this while not hurting anyone in the process. I get it, everyone is busy. Our hands are full and tight with responsibility.

I like to tell you my dear readers (if anyone ever still read), I'm on 7th Semester, which means, I have 5 more semesters to complete my study. Things I studied now pretty much will be in practice for my working phase. It's freaking difficult and will ever be more as I go forward through the end of this bittersweet phase of my life. This is not a rhetorical statement, but I merely stating the fact as it may sound a bit too dramatic to some of you readers.

Dear readers, I often heard the graduates of the past or recently on twitter that a lot of them believe that nearly 50% of what they studied at university didn't make good use in their employment. To put things short and less complicated, they believe that knowledge they learned is useless. I can't verify that yet because I have 6 months before my internship so I do not know to what extent it check. I'll update once I know more.

To all my friends and dear readers who are in the same boat as me, struggling to keep up with everything, be it at studying, relationship or working, this too shall pass. As we sigh and complain remember those who are less fortunate. We just have little more than what they had, thus we should always be grateful. Life is short to be unhappy. Be happy be happy and be happy

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