Hello. It's been awhile since my last update.

My semester officially started on the first week of October. Currently at week 3 of semester 7, which means I'm on a 3rd freaking year! What a journey kan? I am halfway to complete my study dah. The drama to get this far was actually very daunting hahaha. But let's not get to that crap yeah?

As per usual, every semester I always create a new resolution list. It's like abundance of things I would like to achieve all at once because am an ambitious person? Hahaha. The hardest part is always to get things done accordingly and within my time goals. I have like a lot to achieve. I made a doc specially dedicated to be attached in my bullet journal.

Speaking of bullet journal (BuJo), I recently start the infamous journalling system as mean to be more organized. 6 subjects, 4 of them are core I think being organized will likely get me to survive semester 7.

MY RECENT HAUL. I go crazy with washi tapes and stickers. They were all really really cheap. The stickers actually got like 4 sheets per pack so I have like 12-16 maybe sheets. That's a lot

My new desk situation. I recently moved to a new house together with my roommates. Bought few new furnitures and this Ikea desk was what I needed. Big enough to place all my thicc ass accounting books. 

Making notes for my mindmap assignment. Jumping into calligraphy, not yet a pro but I'm content with what I am capable as of now. ✌

The stickers that I told you guys! they were all so cute and tiny.

As my schedule will probably get very hectic, all project and writing must be put on hold. I'll try completing them pronto but Im not making any empty promises. Because I do it all the time ­čśé

I end my post with a song from Talking Heads - psycho killers 


  1. where can I get cheap washi tape? Haha have never bought any before :D

    1. sorry for the late reply!

      I got the washi tape from taobao. But there are plenty of shops selling washi at a very cheap price on shopee. Just needs to be careful n buy from sellers with good ratings! hehe