Life on the net... a rant and reminiscing some good old memories

Hello everyone

Most of us find comfort on social media and see it as an escapism from our obligations (daily job, house chores, family duty) which seems like a good thing if we use it moderately.

Nothing wrong if you want to lash out dissatisfaction on certain someone, but do it discretely without revealing explicit details. Most of us say mean things unanimously to get our message delivered. Becuase that someone follows us on soc med. And you think that's the only way to let your anger out. Gosh, it hurts ok. To know a friend kutuk you online and other people would know about it as well. At least cover up some parts of the story even if you desperately need to confess a thing or two. I find it hurtful to read a status or tweet of other people kutuk their friends and I happened to know them too. I'm no saint too, but I've stopped doing this long ago. I used to kutuk my friends jugak. I would unmention them in tweet but it's always obvious who I talked about. I also had a fight my a lot of people because my blog was quite popular in high school that people would know when I kutuk them in my blog post hahaha. But I changed ok. That was long ago, when my brain cells still not yet functioning properly. I become a better person online as I get older and of course I need to be wiser.

Social medias got crazy, with additional sites being added in world wide web. Remember myspace? I tak sempat friendster. Myspace pun sempat guna 2 years je rasa but I remember feeling the desperate need to go online that I'm willing to stay up till late afternoon just to go to cyber cafe nearby my school. I would spent a lot of money on prepaid so I could browse internet on my phone. Dulu-dulu ingat lagi, internet free after 12 a.m I would download all new songs and this where I start doing crazy stuffs on internet 😂Time ni mengutuk orang takda siapa peduli, because not many people can afford the internet to be online. Most people are like me, time on internet are spent at cyber cafe. I forced my dad to buy a new pc and install internet if I got good results.

This is how I started blogging. I can't remember the day I was off from internet. From all I could remember, even on school days, I would spent at least 2-3 hours online. Read stuff, blog walking (cool term! Comment down below if you know what it means hehe) , I learn how to code my blog template. I was really good at it that I write tutorial thought not that many because the process of recording the method was tedious as fruck I stopped doing it after 2 tutorial hahaha. I was also obsessed on earning side pocket money from blogging because I know it was possible! I did earn some money enough to buy me a chocolate haha. Trust me it's really difficult because you have to consistently update your blog and make sure you write quality content to attract traffic to your blog (SEO)

The old days were fun, the now is very wild. Maybe because pretty much everyone on earth owns a smartphone, so the internet is accessible. The cost has become relatively cheaper as well. Thanks to globalisation. Just be sure to be a human with a conscience. You shouldn't try to pick a fight with someone for nothing at all. For all I know we can still be a decent human being and humanity still exist deep beneath. That's all

Well, I think this is quite a rant don't you think? This is because it's been on draft for a very long time haha. I kinda just went through my draft posts one by one to find that it has been nicely written but left hang

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Hii im blogwalking here😇 if you read this, by any chance can you suggest some blogs to be read, perhaps some of your favourite? I'm looking forward to your reply hehe (insert awkward smiley emoji)

    1. Hi el. Not sure about that, but you can check out my blogging clan tab. I have listed quite a few blogger that are still (hopefully) active