Sending you love

Writing this tonight give me so much feels. So so many things happened to me and people around me. The shock-est one being the passing of my dearest cousin due to road accident. He got hit by a car. We just met during raya, and honestly it was one of the best I ever had.

We managed to squeeze in BBQ party, karaoke and a night that I called 'Malam Sembang' last Raya. Didn't know it was the last Raya for him. I still couldn't wrap around my mind yet that he has passed away. The news was so sudden and everyone was still in shock. Thing I remember the most on his burial day was the amount of people coming to properly sent him goodbye. Things got crazy emotional when the van jenazah arrived at my aunt's house for Solat Jenazah. The sobbing and tears I could see and hear was unbearable and I end up crying as well. A silent crying. I had toughen up myself, but I couldn't hold it anymore.

Later that evening everyone was reminiscing good memories they had with arwah. I had mine, but rather I want to keep it to myself as I'm sure I'll end up crying a bucket.

And today marks the 3 weeks of his passing. He'll be missed greatly by everyone :)

Semoga kau tenang di sana dan Tuhan beri kau setinggi Syurga. Kami disini akan sentiasa mengirim doa dan bacaan quran sebagai hadiah teragung


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