My reading mojo is back!

Hello, it's been awhile.

Having the privilege of Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia or now known as Kads1m, whichever you want to call the scheme, I've now started reading again. I don't know why I even stop, but I'm starting again, determined to read more regardless of genres and language. Just read as I said to myself.

Last time I remember, I made an impulsed purchased of Malay novels from local authors mainly from indie publishers. From what I can remember, most of them still sit in the back corner of my shelf, unwrapped. I only finished reading 2 of them which are Hikayat Calaqisya and Bayu being the English novel from my favorite local author ever. Things happened, I got super busy during last long semester, I just never get to reading train ever again.

My call comes after a long realization that my English writing skills seem to be deteriorating. I guess when you quit the imagining part, your mind wouldn't want to cooperate anymore as I did nothing to feed the imagination department. Things about writing a good essay/blog post or any form of writing, you need to constantly feed your mind and soul with ideas and stories which come from the reading.

An avid reader knows that from reading alone we can get on a roller coaster of emotions and from there it took us wherever the writer intended it to be. Thanks to that, some of us don't need any form of human interactions at all haha. But to me, reading serves as an escapism from reality. Just that and temporary relaxation.

But the truth is, reading is more than that. You gotta be part of your own journey and find the meaning behind it. Discover your favorite genre, read more of it, and the most important of all, use whatever you read and put into a purpose. I think if you started reading, the drive to write a piece of your own comes at you quite naturally. Some even find the courage to start video blogging on youtube talking about their favorite books. For university students, I find it most helpful with college essays. Senang nak goreng as I said to my friends.

Enough with rambling, here is the 3 books I bought this week.

Breathe by Dr. Beni Rusani, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and See You in The Cosmos by Jack Cheng. I finished Breathe in 5 hours only or maybe less. The novel is not quite as thick as the two, it's rather short compared to the mainstream. Review on this book will be up soon I hope. 

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