This week marks the last week of semester 5. I'm going sixth mid July and in September i'll be in my 3rd year already, which makes me really scared and nervous.

It's tough game, is all I can say. Nothing much happened this semester other than unsuccessful interview for scholarship. That put me in so much sadness. Because I work really hard to get good CGPA, but it happens, I must move on.

Subjects are tougher also, my carry marks are drowning. But there's nothing else I could do other than to work hard for my 2 upcoming tests. And of course study and revise until I got full marks for finals hahaha

As you've read above, I wrote them during last week of my semester. I'm officially done with my semester 5. To be honest, my final exam went better than what I've expected. Maybe because I study extra crazy because of my underperforming carry marks? Anyways, I hope my results would be just ok and fingers crossed I can still be debt-free once I graduate. I don't want to pay my PTPTN loan, therefore, I must always study double triple extra hard. Lol what an exaggeration.

Shout out to all my classmates, my besties for helping me throughout. Those who I always pester on whatsapp to help my with accounting question, helping me to solve some math's equation and entertaining my nonsense and crap while I was not so on my right mind. Hehe. Thank you everyone. You da bomb dot com. 

Happy ramadan kareem and eid mubarak although we still have 24 days left to eid. Because I know I won't post any update hahaha

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