Introducing my vege buddies

The money will stop being your concern on the day you are genuinely grateful with the amount you are being blessed with.

To think about it, everyone's biggest problem will always be about money. If not this week, it's next month. If not today, then it's tomorrow. Pokoknya, it's world freaking problem.

Famine, financial distraught, economics problem, all sort of them are caused by money. It's a never ending problem. Money is a bitch because it drives everyone crazy. I would really love to stop thinking about money to be quite honest. Who the fricking frack thinking it would be ok to change the batter system with currency. It would be fun to trade using batter system, and I bet we all do that with our siblings if we can relate.

Price hike is crazy. My weekly trip to supermarket allows me to make observation. It used to be RM 1.50 per ikat of sayur, now it cost RM 2.50-RM 3.00 seeikat.

Bloody expensive. I can get away with RM 160 per week before, now it never gets lower that RM 200. Frozen beef now cost RM 21 per kg, and it used to be RM 16-18 per kg. Don't let me continue because my complaint will not stop. Price won't stop increasing, it means we all need more money now than ever.

Due to that, me and my family begins to plant our own vegetables crop now. We start off with green mustard, eggplant, green cabbage, tomato and okra. We have so far harvested green mustard and eggplant. And here are photos of my vege buddies.

These photos are taken a few weeks back. Most of them have grown double the size you're seeing in these photos. I will post more updates maybe when they're ready to be harvested : D

So this is Okra (Bendi) I planted this seed with no high hopes that it will grow, and look how beautiful now the leaves has formed into its shape. Okra got a twin. Not photograph in this photo because she's a shy girl 

My sadly looking green mustard. We kind of underestimated sawi. We thought they're gonna majestically grow into green lushes vegetable but look how wilted they have become? Some good ones are harvested and they taste really good! 

These one are bayam. I don't remember planting the seeds, all I know they kinda grow out of sudden probably because prior to that, it lacks nutrient in the soil. Now that we have mixed the soil, the seeds grow and it's beautiful now than ever. 

My tomato went through crazy life. The stem broke in half due to strong winds. His brother stem also broke in half, but that's cause of my brother. 😡😡 My dad tape both trees in hope that they will not die. Thankfully they still grow healthily. Both of them are super tall now and they are currently berbunga (what's the english word? Is it pollination? IDK)  and gonna start bearing fruits probably in 1-2 months. 

This one is Mulberry. They have produced fruits before, but it's really sour tasting 😂I got this one from a facebook group member (Kebun Bandar: Jom Tanam Sendiri) She delivered the anak pokok  by Poslaju. I don't know it was possible to do that until I saw a facebook page selling Durian Tree. Hahaha

This is cabbage. We have like 15 of them I think haha. It's what drives my dad into this tanam sayur thing because he saw people posting photos of big fat green cabbage on facebook. They have more leaves now and 3X bigger than in the photo.

This one is terung. Managed to harvest 8 fruit the trees. These two we bought from pasar tani when they're still tiny. And I also plant another 2 which are relatively smaller than the one you see in the photo,

These are kangkung. Baru tanam. Got scolded by my parents. Siapa ajar tanam kangkung 4 benih je

These are photos I managed to snap. It's so satisfying when you can watch the plant grow, then started producing fruits Next thing you know, you are making a dish out of them. My family and I we kind of new to this but hopefully our vege buddies will grow happily and beautifully. If you want to get inspired, I suggest you to join this facebook group (search Kebun Bandar: Jom Tanam Sendiri)/ The peeps there share amazing photos of their crops. You can also buy seeds from a seller on facebook (Biji Benih: Tangan Hijau) The owners are husband and wife. I deal with the wife, Mrs Ainon. They have varieties of plant OMG rambang mata macam shopping baju guys.

We're going to continue planting more seeds so that we could get a continuous supply of vegetables and don't have to store bought them. When you plant your own food, you actually get to enjoy pesticides free veggies. This one article I read on Cameron Highland kind of freaking me out and the reason why I started to force my mom and dad to tanam sayur. Since I only been home for the weekend, I get to be surprised every week seeing my vege buddies grow in size. Hehe.

I hope I can inspire you guys to start planting.

And so that concludes my post for today. What a long ass post. Never knew I could do this hahaha. Im gonna write updates once my tomatoes start producing fruits hehe. Till then bye peeps.

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