My 2017 wishes

Let's be real, no one ever fulfill their new year's resolution, at least not someone I know . But here's a list of what I want to accomplish next year !

1. To make up to what I've lost spiritually. By this I mean, to be a better muslim. 2016 is such a roller coaster ride so I hope 2017 will be a cruise ride with occasional wave hitting the ship.

2. CGPA has been really good, though last semester was not so ok. This semester also not so good 🤔, subjects are getting tougher, I barely breath. Hopefully I get to be on dean's list again. Goodluck everyone ! 😙

3. I have't participate in any curriculum activities because it's so tiring to organize something, be part of committee member. So next year I want to start joining club and be involved with all the planning. It will also help with my CV. Also, to get to know more people here. I know no one outside of my class. How crazy is that!

4. To have more saving! At least one that can last me up to 6 months. I've been very bad at spending.

5. Repeat redang? Gosh please.

6. To stay in touch with friends. We are getting further apart, and it makes me feel so sad :(


7. Nak kuruskan badan !!!! Lose weight and to get fit

8. Nak berkebun , nak tanam sayur sendiri dan petik sendiri

And  I have few other things on my list, but those should be kept private. But we'll see how it goes as 2017 passes by.

I hope everyone had a good year. Mine was bittersweet

Here's to a better year 🍻

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