Have we ever go thoughtless?

Have you ever tried to fathom your thought to such extent you're losing your rationality? Though they are mostly petty, things that amuse you on a daily basis could put you in a state of irrationality.

Weird thoughts can be destructive. Why? Because you question every possible thing you came across to. Like I said just now, they are mostly petty. But why are we being redundant to our self? Maybe cause we're trying fill in our mind, like we don't want it to be empty and thoughtless.  Have we ever go thoughtless, even in our sleep we dream. We fill it with something. Have you thought of that? Its weird but that's biologically or neurologically or whatever science shit it is, its true.

For the past 2 weeks, my mind go a little bit haywire. Maybe because finals is coming up ( 3 papers down, 3 more to go) , some issues got me a little crazy, I can't stop overthinking and it kills me.

And out of all time, It chooses to bother me on this very week where obviously mind is already not ok with all the studying.

Just when it is we will make peace with our mind, like can we help it to stop from over thinking or should we just close our eyes and pretend we don't see things ? Cause I don't want to lose myself for having all these irrational thoughts.

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