This is life

Things could have been worse, but that didn't happened. I live, I enjoy every little moment, I got frustrated, sometimes I feel sad, most of the time I was angry makcik. This is life. You don't get to be happy all year long. You get to feel every bit of feeling that ever existed.

As I gradually moving past time, forgetting what was once hard to repress, I am trying everyday to embrace every flaws and mistakes no matter how small it is. Because embracing what you lack of is the only mean of surviving life with sanity. But that's how I deal with my life. You should find your way to peace. Also, it depends on how you define peace

Time is moving very fast. This Monday I will begin my second year as a degree student. What the actual fudge?! I am psyched to start learning again. I actually enjoy coming to class learning new things. This what makes university different. You won't be learning same thing for a long period, you get to choose subject, arrange your timetable to suit your schedule.

This semester break is epic. I spend a lot of time with my best friends. We went all the way to Putrajaya for a dinner treat by Fazana, Opie and Biah come to my house to lepak, we talk more and a lot with the FFL girls. I feel  like our bond are stronger than ever. Which I am so happy considering everyone already went on different path since 2013 but still trying to make time to lepak. Oh and we make birthday suprise for July babies at Cyberjaya.

And I guess that is all. Will try to update more in the future. Goodluck everyone in whatever you pursue, be grateful and always thank God.

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