I've been talking about getting a custom domain for my blog since long ago. And today finally my baby get its own special name. My blog now is .com hehe. Although you can still access from the old URL.

My blog is 6 years old already. I don't remember exactly on what month it was born, but I remember creating it in 2011. This blog was the idea of my teacher who wants to make us as her participants for her thesis. Since then, I've been actively blogging although I went off and on for these past 2-3 years.

Here is where the stories of me growing up is written. I basically write anything I feel important, and I also used my baby to spill my rant on how I hate about someone. To you guys who have been a loyal readers to this humble blog, thank you so much. I owe you guys.

And to those who think I suck, here is a gift for you as a present.


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    1. Beli dekat netkl. RM 45 + RM 3 untuk dia setup kan sebab malas hahaha