#CookU: Cooking Pasta

Hi guys. I thought today i want to create a label dedicated to cooking, because I love cooking so much and I love to eat. So why not. #CookU or [kuku] . However you want to pronounce it. So today, I will begin my topic with pasta.

You must be wth kan? 

"Ko melayu asal pasta. Dasar melayu tak sedar diri. "

So guys, I actually do not eat rice for dinner. I cook pasta almost every night or when I feel like eating something different, I will cook noodles (yee mee or kuey teow). Why? Because Im so sick of eating rice for every freaking day. I need variety 

And this one time, I saw my housemate cook pasta in the kitchen. I was furious + curious + feel like smacking her face all together. She almost killed me !!!! She cook pasta before the water in the pot are boiling !!! 

Omg guys. I don't know how to say it but I am very erghhhhh. The OCD part of me took over myself for a few seconds. 

  1. First step you gotta do if you want to cook pasta is to boil water in a pot. 
  2. Add a little bit of salt at anytime you prefer, either before or after you put the pasta. 
  3. Must put PASTA after the water has done boiling !!! This is very important guys. 
Some people put 1 teaspoon of oil to avoid the pasta from sticking. I personally opted for this when the pasta is not cook together with the gravy. So I need to ensure the pasta are not sticky and oil solve this problem for me.

And guys. Cooking pasta is very easy. But you should not let your dumb-ness get in your away. Learn the basic of cooking just by google if you are unsure. Little research won't hurt. 

That is all from me, adios !!!

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