A comeback?

You know, I think I should stop saying thing like Im gonna make a comeback or Im going to write more in the future because what really happen usually is the other way around.

I am an avid reader of local books. My entire collection made up of Fixi, Lejen Press and few little books from other publisher. That being said, I am a true fans of my local authors. I think those books really make me feel something. Sense of belonging and comfort best describe my feelings. So i think im gonna continue writing book review for all books i read. The only problem is probably when I will post it up here. Therefore, I should not have mention word like comeback.

Apart from book review, I did post some recipes, crazy shit makeup tutorial I did long ago and also some tutorial on template and stuff. I remember being so into these elements long ago. However, blogging really have changed. It is not a great place I remember it used to be. Those kids who passionately dedicate her entire blogging journey making template tutorial, they kind of vanished from this realm. Those who write about their personal life, however personal it could be, it is always enjoyable, also vanished away.

Reality is, blogging is no longer about doing things you are passionate about. I still read updates on blog I follow everyday. But some who I observe, only blog when money is in the game. Their update is only for fulfilling the needs of their sponsor.

Everyday, my hands is itchy to type something so i could have at least new post. And every freaking time, I failed.

So maybe next time, when you see me write something like comeback, IGNORE

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