What is up with Dr Zakir Naik?

Recently, he was banned from giving a talk at UTEM. Surprisingly, this time I am with the minority, which means, I agreed with him being banned from giving the talk. Why? Read further

Firstly, a disclaimer, I am in no way have ever watch/listen to his talk, online or in real live. But I know he always participate in islamic forums worldwide, and a very influential figure. I have not yet identified him as certified scholar due to the reason stated above. But I know he is a good speaker.

What I found ignorant was the fact that many of us Malaysian overlook the real issue and trying so hard to divert this issue to something else, and some even try to create additional problems. Shit got crazy, and everyone is in rage. Now it become national concern. Seriously tho, wth.

"Persamaan Hindu dan Islam" the title of the poster, misleading enough to cause nation uproar. Yet only a few able to notice how inconsiderate of us to publicly held a talk like this, inviting our Hindus friends just to listen to a man belittle-ing their religion. Have you forgot that you live in multiracial country? DO you realise of the fact that you also need to be considerate even though the religion you belief in is protected by abang 3 line, the sultans, all the malays and what not, yet you never care with them minority.

I had attended the same exact talk except, the speaker did comparisons between Islam and Christian. You know in INTEC, we welcome differences, but many of us did not agree with him. So many of our christian collegemates attended the talk, and some voice out their dissatisfaction in our confession page. You see, these people, they did not openly tell us how they feel, because they are scared. Because Islam is protected in the Constitution. They do not want us to be offended when we were the one who should feel uneasy.

I am in a debate club of my college, we have whatsapp group. Many of the members are Hindus, so can you imagine the discussion we are having in the group chat? Obviously they do not like the talk and how the issue being played. We already set up a date to properly discuss it further, you know debating like a real adult with balls !!

I think the reason why we never really united in heart is because we always be inconsiderate to our dearest fellow malaysian. We treat them as though they never existed, like their existence do not matter. We always do thing our own way like we own this freaking country.

Back to him being banned, why the hell the organizer is so ignorant to not even apologize. You think you good enough hah? At least apologize, say things like "Sorry, the title is misleading, we did it to attract more audience" I mean, he was only banned in UTEM tho, he has permission to held his talk in other places. So can you see now?

This issue is nothing bigger than the size of a cat, but some you stupid keyboard warriors are freaking crazy you got nothing else to do other than share stupid write up that cause more tensions. WHY THE HELL DO YOU GUYS LOVE TO DO THAT HAH? EVERY FREAKING TIME.

Keeping the peace and harmony between us rakyat are very important. We have more than enough to handle in our plate now, 1MDB, movement to ousted Najib out of his throne and making Anwar the next PM. Erghh guys, can we like chill first? Remember guys, anything we do now will have consequences in the future. Whatever we do now, make sure we do it good. And always think first before we share anything in the social medias.

And finally, a real blog post after forever. Maybe this is a comeback. Don't be hopeful

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