30 days in 2nd semester

Hello everyone. We are in week one of February and time really went by so quick.

It has been a month of my second semester, and I swear its getting pretty tiring and a bit hectic. Assignment is not piling up yet but my schedule is so fucked up because my lecturer trying to change our schedule that is already packed. My weekdays usually begin at 11 am and end at 3/4/5/6/7 Yeah, and it probably will change in near time. I don't even understand. Good thing is, I can go home on Thursday night because I have no class on Friday. Also another reason why my schedule is packed as hell.

I actually ask my parents to buy me a bicycle so I can cycle to class cause the distance between my uni campus and my house is pretty far. I walked 3 KM a day -,- Yet I am still not losing much weight. So last week they got me a bike but then the next morning I found out that some shithead tear my bicycle tube with knife that it forms a long tear line. I was pissed as hell and dad was not happy at all. because he had to come the next day to fix it for me.

So I guess that is from me now. A little update of my life which no one actually care

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