Hai 2016

Wait what 2016.

Hai guys. I can safely say that it has been more than 6 months since my last update. Life caught me up, things happen. So here I am.

I don't have much things to say on what happened last year. But I can say this one. That I am currently studying in UNISEL Shah Alam, pursuing my degree in Accountancy. Yes. You are absolutely right, I am not in UK. As what I have written in my previous blogposts, it was due to me not passing the cut off points. 115 of my batch (redboat) could not make it to overseas. But lek people. I am more than ok and happier than I was before 2013-2015. But things were quite dramatic, Our stories get to Awani and newspapers and it was quite of a commotion. A good one.

But in 2016, I can definitely see the hikmah behind everything. Economics condition of my country was not doing so well till a week ago government announces that they will only able to sponsor #744Bursary students locally. That was quite unfortunate as they are all excellence student, scored either 14/15 for their Alevels and 9A+ in SPM to earn this scholarship. Dream crushed. I pitied them more than I pity myself. At least I did not make it because of my results. Stay strong kids

All this time after August, I rekindle my spirits. Set new goals and dreams. I have never been better since that day I get my Alevel results.

Here to 3 1/2 years of degree left

And hopefully this blog is not dead yet.


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    1. Rindu juga T.T sorry tho baru perasan sbb tak bukak email in ages haha