Apa masalah Malaysian ni?

I have been contemplating to deactivate twitter and facebook once again. This is due to my inability to comprehend and justify what the heck is going on with Malaysian.

First of all, due to 1MDB scandal that hits our country like tsunami. Suddenly everyone become perdana menteri. Justifying what should be and shouldn't macam kau study sampai PHD when you merely know anything at all.

Since we are all live in 21st century where news spread like wildfire, it is better to be wise in choosing which news to believe. Salah percaya, sampai bawak fitnah, we as a muslim entitled to our own sins btw. Kalau you taktau pape, you diam je takyah nak give opinion kalah Dr Mahathir. Dah la bagi false facts and opinions merely on what u see in the medias, you boleh plak buat stupid jokes. Shit people, this is serious shit you make jokes on.

Banyak sangat facebook page kat facebook and twitter account yg membantu penyebaran fakta-fakta tak betul. Come on la, ada lagi tak benda lagi bagus untuk kau buat other than spreading hate. Dah la menyebarkan kebencian, apa yang kau sebarkan tu sahih ke tak sahih takde siapa nak verify kan. Sebab semua oang sibuk nak tolong sebarkan kebencian tu. Penat la weh tiap-tiap hari baca benda mengarut korang.

Boleh menyalak, tapi bila bukti kukuh dah ada depan mata dah confirm. Selagi belum sahih, silalah diam sebelum aku selotape mulut ko !

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