Honestly, before I was able to type this post, I made countless attempt re-drafting it. No sentences seem to be right as here I am after few months of being gone from my sanctuary, I am finally back nonetheless to express my thoughts in writing.

For some who has not realise, after months of being hiatus, I have put my blog for private. I also made a very huge step to delete my twitter account long ago. And coming from that, that's where I begin to close down my blog and keep it personal to myself only.

2014 has been very bad to me though. What I experience in 2014 really influence my current decision making. I've been through hell and I don't think I want everything to happen all over again. Enough is enough.

I am on my last semester at INTEC. I can't believe myself I've been far in this battle and it is coming to its end already. After AS exam last January, I changed my class from Nottingham to Derby and I had to separate with my classmates whom I've been together for 1 year and a half.

But despite how shit AS exam was, I have finally regain my consciousness and happiness. For almost 2 years here, this is the time where I feel free to fly and actually feel content of everything. Alhamdulillah.

And here I am, againnnnn. Insyallah la i'll be posting more cause I don't think I should stop doing this since I love writing. Cuma sometime ada constraint as u need to think first before you write anything. Just to be careful of others too you know

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