Oh hi

Oh hi. What an awful blog's owner. I literally abandon for how many months I cannot count. But I have to say that I am awfully busy this semester. As I wrote before, I had to retake few papers on August. And, I had my trial exam last September, so its a pretty hectic semester. Oh, last 2 week I had  my IELTS exam.

Oh anyway, I am really furious cause my blog turns out to be a disaster after few alteration made. The font did not come true, I guess it is because I messed up with the coding.

I actually have plan to start a new blog, with my own domain and paid hosting. But thinking that I will be terribly busy next semester, its probably a waste as I only write lame stuffs about me which no one is interested reading it. And I dont really update my blog on regular basis. 

But surprise or not, I have another blog which I rant on about my personal everyday dealing. I hope none would anticipate my comeback cause I am a literally shitty blog owner with an ugly blog's layout. 

Im in the midst of deleting my old blog posts. So if you got time and want to catch up and dig my old secrets, better be fast. haha

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