Book review: Bones of Betrayal

BONES OF BETRAYAL by Jefferson Bass


Dr. Bill Brockton has just received an urgent call from the nearby town of Oak Ridge, home of the A-bomb in World War II

With his graduate assistant Mirand Lovelady, Brockton rushes t the scene where they find a body frozen facedown in a swimming pool. The victim is Dr Leonard Novak, the designer of a plutonium reactor integral to the bomb. But when they carry out and autopsy, they discover he died of a searing dose of radiation. And everyone in the room is now in grave danger....

A second body is discovered and the race to find the truth intensifies. As brockton digs deeper, he uncovers a mystery that is far darker and more complex than he could ever have imagine. Will he discover the truth before more people die? Just how far back does he need to look to find the truth.


A little bit about the story line.

Alright so the story gravitate around a place name Oak Ridge in United States of course. It's actually based on a history of the place which manufactured Hiroshima bomb long ago. At some parts, it actually tells about the history of people working at the factory and they actually had no idea they was working on atomic bomb all this while until..

And in between his works, Brockton, he fall in love with a librarian where he met while looking for information. 

There a few meetings of him and ex-wife of Dr Leonard Novak. The woman revealed that he was gay and she didn't know it until they got married. And somehow she got pregnant. But whose child it was? Jeng jeng jeng.

Mystery gets staggering, as more stories had been uncovered, the more entwined it get. And lastly, who murdered Dr Leonard Novak with Uranium (found in his stomach) ?

Being a fan of a thriller novel, I found this book to be very detailed. How they processed the dead bodies from nuclear molecule and some other physics's shit that I had no idea what is all about. But all and all, it is a very very good book with great storyline and terrific details. But the major plot twist was at the end of the book. The librarian Brockton met, who she is actually?

Well if you want to know, read the book. I bought it at Popular for RM 10 because it was placed at discounted section hahaha.

Thank you for reading this review. 

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