Comeback post

My semester 2 final's result was not that good. I had to take supplimentary papers to make up for my failure and secure my place at INTEC for 2 more semesters. I am on scholarship and my sponsor set up a cut off point so by hook or by crook, we must pass 12. There are many of us who did not pass but after taking the supplimentary papers, Alhamdulillah, we made it though. All prayers to the Almighty

Well by far, the saddest part is I did not met the cut off point. But somehow, JPA's policy sets that only those who got 9 and below will quit INTEC and be transferred to UNITEN. I am selected to attend parents-lecturers meeting last Friday and honestly it open up my mind to oppurtunity that shall not be wasted.

I am glad that i am still here.

We will win this war Nottingham, we will.

p/s: what an awkward comeback post.

If you miss me and my ranting, i usually write at this blog. Feel free to dig

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  1. Hi I love ur blog :D can u update for the third "cara menjaga kulit Korea" ? Thanks