Random #7

Why a random post, AGAIN ? Cause I ran out of idea on what to write. This happen when you're at home and you didn't go out to see the world. 

Of past and a little hope

When you’re unsure of your own feelings
You’ll think deeper
And as you think
You’ll be confuse
Inarticulate emotion
That stuck between of you not believing
Or trying to swallow the reality
Because you are still in the past
Or might think a little too much 
And maybe you haven’t change yet
I mean the feelings
I am stuck at my past, I still have that little hope
Because I believe
Things haven’t change yet.

Anyway that poem was writtern by me. And yeah, I do write poems. But since when ? Duhh. Im getting way too emotional since Im at INTEC. 

haaha, twerkin !

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