I thought if I want to do major in history I don't have to deal wih math anymore. But I was wrong. Its like me and math are fated to be together but both of 'us' have to struggle to be together. I really wanna cry right now because when I do the exercise, my answer is all wrong or halfway correct. I am both pissed off and sad right now. 

My lecturer told us about seniors who failed to fly overseas because they didn't meet the cut off point set by JPA. And I believe most of them are screwed by math. I don't want to be in that group. But I am so freaked out. I am not talented nor gifted to do math. Why. I tried. So If I can change my subject subject, I am the happiest girl in the world. And glad Im not alone in this situation, because they were few of my classmates as well who find difficulties in math. Maybe we should study together.

Remember I told you that I applied for science computer course for UPU ? My planned was to be a software engineer. But since I am in account stream, I don't study physics and chemist so I had to take a long way. So one of it is do science computer for diploma then only can applied software engineer for degree. Allah is 'maha bijaksana dan maha mengetahui' He put me in this path. I bet i will be more stress if Im in science computer. It deals with math. Like a lot. 

Things we like sometimes make no good to us. So Allah gives you 'ikhtiar' to make another choice. Beside it is an oppurtinity for me to study overseas, I think I might have better future. Because dad's friend is a lecturer in UKM if Im not mistaken. They universities in Malaysia are lack of lecturer in history course. So they need more of them. And being the first batch that being offered 'sastera' field are sign that government are seeking more people to be in this field. And you know, there's only 3 people who are in sastera. I wanna laugh knowing this fact on the first week. And ya, I hope three of us will be alright :D 



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  1. oh not to be too worried tho, I guess most of the seniors (at least from my batch ALM 12 la) flunked bcos of Biology and Chemistry..general tips for Alevels, do lots lots lots of past year papers :)