Hari raya celebration

Hai everyone :D How was your raya celebration ? Dapat banyak duit raya takkkkk ?? Me ? Adalah. More than RM 100. haha.

I was lucky because i get 2 weeks of holidays. My friends in other uni are so jealous of me. They only got 1 week break. Although its 2 week break, time flies too fast. I couldn't enjoy my raya celebration to the fullest. For this raya, my family celebrate it at my dad's hometown at Tangkak,Johor. Man, my dad family is big. Dad has 9 siblings and he is the youngest one. Some of my uncles already had their grandchild. My pak uteh alone has 11 grandchild.

here is the proof:

pak uteh and atok mak. 2 person is missing

Since some of my cousin already married, they had to follow their husband lah! This photo missing more than 10 person or equal. hehe !!

And yeah, these are all photo taken during hari raya. mostly on first day. 

So yeah , thats all. bye ya'll

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