28 March 2018

You are your own carrie pilby

I have test 1 tomorrow for Advanced Financial Accounting subject. But this post couldn’t be postponed any later. I have this rush of ideas coming out as soon as the movie ended while I was eating Maggi Asam Laksa comfortably, the movie kinda hits home. And I would like to dedicate this movie to all my friends, and to anyone who is currently struggling. This post is for you.

Carrie Pilby is a girl with high IQ level, graduated Harvard at the age of 18. Introvert, live in her own cocoon, pretty much a loner. Her mom died when she was 12 years old, her father decided to sent her to college at the age of 14. She practically spent her teenage life as an undergraduate, alone with no friends at all. However, the movie doesn’t focus on her undergraduate journey but what she did with her life soon after that.

The reason why I really love this movie so much because how relatable it is to many of us. Majority of my acquaintances are going through hard times shifting life from being a student to starting a career. That’s quite an uncomfortable process. You are just about to finish study, but now in a rush to find an employment. The expectation and probability that you might not land any job anytime soon will put anyone under pressure.

Although in the movie Carrie Pilby does not in any way struggling to find an employment, rather she was forced to let go of her status quo. Being outside of her comfort zone such as making friends, starting a career, find a soulmate just so that she can find happiness again. OF course, this was a result of her inability to let go certain attachment. She is a bitter person, doesn’t believe in so many things, doesn’t think happiness exist. To conclude, Carrie Pilby has her own set of liberated mind. In the end, she makes peace with herself. She begins to cross things off her list, she started to let things loose a little, she stops being hard with herself.

This post read like a review and ultimate spoiler of the movie but I don’t think many of you would end up watching it after this. As I said above, this movie hits home to many of us who are currently struggling. Carrie Pilby struggles so so much, it was hard for her to let go of many things, let along to step out of her comfort zone. But the fact that she muster all her courage to find happiness and meaning of life, she become unstoppable.

You can do this too my friend. We all are capable of so many things. Find that courage, be brave and bold. Get out. Try new things. A process is a process, it will eventually pass. Struggle is a struggle, but don’t get caught in it, you will only losing opportunities. Find solutions and only then you will be happy with the results. Because after all, you are your own Carrie Pilby.

2 February 2018

Nothing but the best for myself in 2018

Disclaimer: This was written a few days before 2017 ends.

Believe it or not, I couldn't remember much what happened in 2017. There were major events happening, but the rest of my year went by pretty flat. Writing this post to conclude my year seems redundant as it may be similar details I have spilt in previous posts on my blog.

In 2017, I let my guards down, I make friends with new people. From not belonging to any social group, I finally identified myself in one and I am very happy for that. I have issues, too many and honestly, they were my weaknesses. And to finally tick it off from the list makes me really happy. I don't make friends with just anyone. I go solo everywhere I go, I do things on my own, and I never like to put on a different facade. I am one, and I'll always be the person you knew.  To my new social clique, thank you for craziness you guys put me through. I really enjoyed our daily conversations and I hope we get to do this everyday event when we went separate ways after we graduate, I hope we continue to stay connected. Gosh, the technology exists!

To FFL, 2017 is not our year. Please know that you guys will remain as my favourite bunch. We may not see each other very often anymore, but please keep in touch! 

To my intec friends, especially my favourite girls, it's been wonderful year having you guys one video call away.

2018 will be the year which I get out of my comfort. Life will get busier after this, my internship is in June, so I need to work on my soft skills and improve my CGPA. I made a crazy decision last month. to join a society. I was scared I'll not be able to secure placement for internship due to my under-participation in curricular activities. I was appointed as Team Leader for Multimedia department of Accounting Club. I'll do a lot of designing every-thing-creative for my club! Finally, something where I can channel the creative side of me.

I want to take up a part-time job as well. But I don't know if my parents would agree because they are scared if I couldn't keep up with my studies.

2 Feb 2018

I am on my semester break right now. My exam sucks. All subjects are crazy difficult. Please at least give me a pass. I really want A for all subjects, but I know that is way too ambitious for me.

Also, 2018, work harder. Focus in class. Never miss any assignments or tutorials. Always make notes. One thing I figured, this semester, I don't make notes for my reading subject. Just because I think I can get away just with writing simple notes on my powerpoint slides. How fucking stupid you can be Aimi?

Like ya'll been saying on twitter, January is a trial month. It's February, get yourselves together and slay 2018.

10 December 2017

Chin up!

Balancing life at the moment is hard. The 20s is such a weird decade, trying to keep up with all your friends, at the same time juggling study with part-time work. All of this while not hurting anyone in the process. I get it, everyone is busy. Our hands are full and tight with responsibility.

I like to tell you my dear readers (if anyone ever still read), I'm on 7th Semester, which means, I have 5 more semesters to complete my study. Things I studied now pretty much will be in practice for my working phase. It's freaking difficult and will ever be more as I go forward through the end of this bittersweet phase of my life. This is not a rhetorical statement, but I merely stating the fact as it may sound a bit too dramatic to some of you readers.

Dear readers, I often heard the graduates of the past or recently on twitter that a lot of them believe that nearly 50% of what they studied at university didn't make good use in their employment. To put things short and less complicated, they believe that knowledge they learned is useless. I can't verify that yet because I have 6 months before my internship so I do not know to what extent it check. I'll update once I know more.

To all my friends and dear readers who are in the same boat as me, struggling to keep up with everything, be it at studying, relationship or working, this too shall pass. As we sigh and complain remember those who are less fortunate. We just have little more than what they had, thus we should always be grateful. Life is short to be unhappy. Be happy be happy and be happy

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